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The Ramblings of a Lost Mind [entries|friends|calendar]

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The new year is here [02 Jan 2015|12:30am]

As always the new year is here and with it the dreaded word, changes. What do I want to do this year. What must I do this year. What can I change that is realistically enough to make me happy. So I  had to think about it.

This year I am to lose 20 lbs, whether it's at the beginning, middle or end. I don't want to but hopefully it doesn't come back. To me 20lbs is reasonable and something in my power. Now keeping it off would be tough but my goal is to just lose it.

My second goal is to pay off 3 bills. They don't have to be big bills or even large bills but 3 things are getting paid off and hopefully off my credit report. If I accomplish more go me.

I plan to spend more time with my husband and child. Just the three of us doing something whether it a trip out of state or kayaking, something. Six flags is my goal for now. To be determined later.

I also plan on putting money away each week into Conners account. 1 dollar per week. I also read that at my pay level I should be able to save 8000. I want to know if it's true, so I will try.

Last thing is I want to get my dog fixed. As the only male in the house with generic defects for his breed, yeah I don't wish his hindcorners on anyone. So they must go.

All things on this list are doable and within my range. Let's home I can get it done.


Christmastime or the time of the 'Mine's [06 Dec 2014|11:53pm]

Ilove Christmas time just like every other person. The beautiful snow (when I'm inside), the watching movies on the couch with family, or beating them at Mario kart but one thing I've noticed lately is the severe case of the Mines and its not just for children.

I made the mistake of going black Friday shopping at Menards. While the store was packed everyone there was very helpful and able to point out where everything was. We had people in line while others were running around having the stuff they wanted ( mostly brilliant idea actually), but the thing that disturbed me was the Mines.

I remember being younger and going through this phase. I found a toy on tv or the Sears Christmas catalog and highlighted page after page with thoughts of toys in my head. I'm very thankful I outgrew that and my parents worked hard to give me a level head about stuff. (No a cow is not a pet you can keep in the house. We live on base with no yard you can't have a saint Bernard it won't be fair to him.) I'm glad to say I got practical with my gifts (how much space does it take. Is it alive? Would I really play with it since my brother won't have one?) Simple things like that helped shape my decisions today. Where has that gone?

While shopping at Menards I seen grown men (and women) with the Mines. They were not all getting gifts for the children or even family members but for them selves.  I will admit I've seen great things I would have liked but with no room and no practicality why would I buy it. Yes a table saw is great at that price but you've never used one before in your life (true story a woman told the man next to us in line). Just because it's a great price doesn't mean you buy it. How often would you use it?

The man ended up buying it and apparently they had to take some stuff out of the cart as it would have put them over budget. The things that got taken out....child toys for a boy and girl.

When did Christmas turn into I want it so I bought it? What happened to homemade gifts or practical things? I will admit last year I got my mom some jewelry. Not alot mind you but that was because my brothers and I chipped in and paid for her car to get fixed. Something we knew she needed and couldn't afford at the time.

What happened to things like that?  I know people say time but I work 68 hours a week, spend time with my family and still making my son a Christmas blanket. So to me that's not an excuse. I guess I just don't understand it so while people are buying there own Christmas gifts. I think I'll just sit here watching a movie with my husband while trying to finish his blanket.

You can take your Mines this Christmas and shove it. It won't be found here.


really kid [20 Nov 2014|07:21am]
So Conner surprised me the other day and was like "Mom when are you going to have another child. I'm already 11 and by the time you have one I will be 12. At this point I don't care if it's a boy or a girl I just want a sibling. I'm not getting any younger you know."

I'm not sure I should be shocked, dismayed or amused. Either way he's too smart for his own good.
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[08 Oct 2008|02:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

An interesting thought has occured to me lately while watching Death Race and Crank. Not in DeathRace becuase the muscles are overly bulky but seriously who is hotter Vin Dieasl (must stop the drool) or Jason Statham. (Or known as the driver in The Transporter....that suit soo yummy.)

My husband is still a professional temp at the moment as we are working t omake ends meet again. Sucks so bad along with a leaky roof and such. Still don't have a life outside of work and school but that's alright. I wasn't expecting to either. I swear I gave birth to more kids than just Conner reciently though. SO now it's official I have Conner, Connor, Taylor and Jacob. Can you tell i've only been pregnant for Conner though.

Good news though is that I am learning alot more chinese lately so thats good. Bad thing my chinese is still sucky and I'm learning Fujian instead of Mandaran. Totally different language. Sooo tired and I have no life. I've had to be at work at 8 am all this week and some of last and I HATE mornings. Stu is working so far this week so that is good along with one day last week so again I am happy. Also which do you think: Life is an adventure or Life is one big Angst novel?? Must comtemplate.


[25 Apr 2008|08:37am]
Ick ick ick, did anyone know the grossest thing in the world? Well if you guessed puking up stomache acid then you are correct, and not jst any stomache acid the bright yellow stuff. Blah, i am still cramping and my body hurts, thankfully my cords are still in place or i wouldn't be happy with what could be the posibility.

Went skating/rollar blading with conner yesterday and hee fell down twice. had leg cramps the rest of the day. Went to his kindergarten roundup and found out i will have to jump through some hoops for him to go to the school of choice, but other than that nothing new. Man do i not feel good.

[21 Apr 2008|08:04pm]
I live. Incase you can't tell. hahaha. Alright as you can tell the neighbor is letting me use his internet for free. so mostly i can check and do downloads and not worry about work finding out. Muhwhahahaha. Second mom is going to start making my dress for hte wedding this weekend. third stu is going to be working at Denso so conner has been comming to work with me. there was more but i can't remember hahaha. Conner still loves school and such so that is great. finally got my income tax money so it will cost money to do alot of things. oh well. i should get off though don't want to use all of his internet. Made potato soup so all is good. also Jenni which dress should i make?? and the fabric color and type. can't recall off hte top of my head. oh well im off later.
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[17 Jan 2008|05:24pm]
Muwhahahaha, I did it I finally got my christmas cards mailed. Please let me know if you received one, or if it got lost in transit. Also remember you might not have got one if you didn't say you wanted one so nah. Ok Stu is working and I am thinking of getting a weekend job. Con goes in tomorrow to get tested for preschool :O) Love it, Christian School I am not to fond of but that is life. I would have to pay which sucks, but the boy is begging for school. Stu is still working which I love I will just hate when the student loan people find out he is working again and go for his paycheck :O( Other then that not much going on. Fighting with mom again and haven't talked to her in two weeks and it doesn't help she acted like she was me to Head Start to get information she normally shouldn't have. Pissed me right off, not to mention it is illegal. Well I'm off shouldn't have the laptop on at work but hey free internet. Hopefully I will get it on at home again. Stu thinks I should try for writing a novel and I disagree. Fanfics are fun for now. No big interest in a novel, except to read. So how is everyone doing?
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[05 Dec 2007|02:16pm]
Alright everyone time for an update. My lights and heat are back on. Stu just started working at ASMO so he has a job (finally.) Not to much going on because too much is going on get what i mean. Finally saw Hitman and it was awesome. Of course its done by Vin Disel so yeah very yummy. On a side note I need adresses for everyone who wants a christmas card this year. Got them done and lost tha address book again. So yeah. If you want one i need your address again. Thanks and lots of love to all.
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[24 Nov 2007|11:44pm]

jenni check this out thought you would love it.

[09 Nov 2007|09:40pm]
Ok long story short besides jenni yelled at me for no updating after finally catching me online rarely when im on. at this point today i have no phone at home, no power, and no heat. my gas (heat) will be turned on monday my power i dont know, but without the power the heat dont work. FIA was suppose to stop the power from going out but guess what it went out. Con is at my rents so CPS can't take con from me. sad to say that my parents want to fight me for custody. they want us (me nad con) to move in soon and send him to school. we both know that my mom and i will start fighting cause we dont get along and that if stu doesn't come then we will more thn likely (98%) end in divorce and i already know stu wont follow. so if anyone wanted to know whats going on that it and why i haven't been online much. So we have not fallen off the face of hte planet but it just feels like it. cool news is i took m brother in laws senior pics. He loves them so go me.
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[31 Aug 2007|09:32pm]

for those who missed it. Here' Conner!!!

[31 Aug 2007|08:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Husband for sale. Dirty cheap! Hell forget cheap FREE!!!!

Cons birthday is tomorrow and wow he will be 4. I feel so old now, its really not funny. Mom is bringing me down a fouton so i can get rid of my couch and i really can't wait. I have to work tomorrow at hte restruant and still need the groceries. hmmm, money is nice but bills and not having a life isn't. Downloading Ouran High School Host Club and about to start Death Note. Cleaning out the spare room so I can make an exercise room in there. Who knows it just might work out. Hmmm, need new shoes mine are wearing down, and also memo to me: get a life.

Not really im working alot found out i might be making to much for con to go to headstart. How the hell does the hell has that happend when i support three people on under a thousand a month. Scary. but we shall see shouldn't we.

I'm tired and actually have to get up in the morning and work like 12 hours tomorrow. :O) then another nine on sunday. i think i will take monday off. Perry wants to go and see Halloween and Balls of Fury but wants someone to go with so usually i am elected. i guess we will talk tomorrow about it huh. Soooo tired.

Here is a pic of Con at tha fair. ENJOY!! :O)

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[05 Aug 2007|12:32pm]
lets see I am checking out a preschool for conner. I need a copy of my birth certificate. not sure if con needs shots for school. I think i will send him to Lemon tree. that way he can go to wattles park next year for kindergarten. No idea why my little boy wants to go to school aready but part of it is he is smart as a whip and for that i am thankful. he knows his numbers and colors and shapes and stuff. So proud of hte boy. thinking of appling at II stanley though so i can get a second job. deinately going on birth control and other hten that nothing new in the denney universe. I am almost finished with my one ff. I got only 2 chapters left. sad to say most want me to make a sequel. not sure if i will though

[29 Jul 2007|10:10pm]
Man has my life been fucked up. HAHAHA oh well. I'm taking it well. Stu still isn't working and so I am a supporter of one for three. went to Perry's dual birthday party last ngiht. got home about one in the morning. Con was playing with kids all night it was great. Got the new Harry Potter book for my birthday so I am officially 25 part 2. Went to Lings and just got home and Uncle took almost a whole roll of film of me dancing around the restruant even to the Numa Numa song. Had a blast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAqqvOVd1_4 sooo love this video. Have no idea why probally becuase they did a really good job with the cheorography. Thinking about going back on BC becuase of still thinking of joining the Air Force. Althought I have a strange feeling if I do then it might eventually end in a divorce. I dunno. For some reason I am in a really good mood and I have no idea why.

Talked to Shawn and we decided we and her kids are going as the cast of Naruto for Halloween so I have to start working on costumes soon. Great i gotts use the sewing machine again. It seems I am never home anymore and always on the go. Almost finished with my one fanfic and people like it. YEAH! and the second one I started people are liking also so I am happy. Who knows whats up. I think I will save up to buy an I-pod saw a cute one earlier. Parents would have bought it for me but we know i love to buy my stuff my self. too indepentant I guess. Well I am mostly using Stu's cell so if anyone wants to get a hold of me use that.

Side note Happy Belated Birthday Jacob and also did you change your email addy??? My last email toyou came back. Also want to go and see Hairspray????

Braxton is staying with me until Wensday. I habe no idea. Con narked me out at hte restruant today and told the man that today was his mom's birhtday so needless to say they sung to me. i hate that. Well anyways I thought I would update so no one thought i was dead. HHAHAH Also if any one wants to get a hold of me they know they can always email. Sad to say I reply faster that way.
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[21 May 2007|12:36am]
lets see whats going on here. I had an ok mothers day. Got Teen Titans Season 3 (I already own). went to visit my dad for his birhtday yesteryda and played like 10 games of tennis. my body hurts and so do my ankles. Memo to all don't wear low socks when you are wearing high tops. My mom is still being a witch and the only reason con is still in belding is becuase my DAD wanted him and its his bday. Have like 3 chapters written of my fanfiction but its waiting at the beta's. Got another one in my mind and thinking about starting it also. hmm dunno. Got a nice burn mark up and down my arm (grease, yeah im talented). Other then that nothing new on the home front at the moment. God my body hurts.
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[18 Apr 2007|08:14pm]
Hi i just wanted to say i started another fan fiction at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3488917/1/

this story is a Naruto and Hinata story although it might not seem like it at first.

[15 Apr 2007|01:39am]
interesting thing happend today. we got into a car accident and i dont even want to see how much it is going to cost. my wrist is scrapped up (not bad just annoying) stu jammed his thumb and con came out fine. even the old man said he was in teh wrong until the cop got htere. what rotten luck. sucky thing is it happend in K-zoo by taco bell so we had to walk tot he mall to call for someone to pick us up. ever done that with a 3.5 year old. yeah never again. other then that not to much is going on FF.net is not letting me upload a new chapter but hey thats life. hope all is good with everyone else. thought i would tell everyone whats happening and i found my cell so its working again.
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[10 Apr 2007|09:28pm]
i had an interesting weekend to say the least. My mom told me about this diet that someone can loose 10, 20, 50 or 70 lbs. then she procedded to tell me that i need to do the one that looses 70lbs and she will send it to me. WTF if i lost 70lbs i would be skin and bones and in the hospital or anerexea. i would be like 80lbs. thats bull shit its like thanks mom. so need less to say i got pissy. then i was talking to stu and am thinking of joining the air force again. (for those who don't know i was enlisted to go until i got pg with con) and stu is ok with it saying that he will support me and stuff. so what does anyone else think? i got to go though con just farted on me. haha. i do have until im 27 to decide but if i do this i go all out
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My weekend with the rents. [17 Mar 2007|10:15pm]
[ mood | Disturbed ]

Lets see where did i leave off at. Monday is my last day at the hospital so then tuesday i go in for my graduation interview. visiting my parents at hte moment. right now we all (yes my mom also) are staying hte night at my dads and we are watching Kung Fu hussle. I love this movie. Found out AJ already had a sakabato that i got him last year for his birthday (i know i really should mail this stuff out eventually. i got 2 years of Jenni's gifts to mail out, im a horrible person) or just get something else. No idea nad any ideas would be great. Conner is on cloud nine. although he pucked at hte chinese resturant that we ate at (not one i am friends with so it was weird.)found out unfortunately that my rents still have sex even though technically they aren't suppose to be within 60 feet of each other. i prefer not to think or know about this stuff. Tuesday though i can start sleeping in so i am happy. Today is Leolas birthday so i called her and it was great. Well im getting off i can't wait for my life to go back to resemble something of normalcy.


[11 Mar 2007|12:05am]
i so need a PS2 have you guys seen this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ncGx0tuqU

for this reason alone i need one.
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